Naturally shape, tint and enhance your eyebrows with our specialized services. All brow services include a consultation to determine the best long-term brow shape, goals and service options. 

Brow Design | Brow Henna | Brow Tint

BROW DESIGN | $45 | 30 MIN

Brows are measured, cleansed and lightly massaged with custom blended oils to prepare the hair and skin for micro-tweezing. Micro-tweezing allows the artist to design a precise, individualized shape. The service is completed with application of brow pencil, highlighter and gel to set the shape and create a flawless finish.  Please allow 6-8 weeks of outgrowth - no tweezing, waxing, threading or trimming is recommended before initial appointment to achieve optimal results.

BROW HENNA | $40 | 30 MIN

Brow henna is a natural pigment that provides long lasting color. Henna will tint the skin for up to ten days and brow hairs for up to a month. Free from dyes, preservatives and chemicals, henna has the ability to strengthen hair and promote natural hair replenishment.

BROW DESIGN + HENNA | $ 80 | 45 min

Your artist will shape the brows using a micro-tweezing technique and apply henna to enhance your natural brow shape.


Brow tints are recommended for a more natural eyebrow look, lasting up to 30 days on eyebrow hair.  Desired fullness and shape is achieved by applying a custom blend of brow tints.  This service differs from henna in that brow tints can provide a wider variety of colors and shades.  Your artist will shape the brows using micro-tweezing and apply tints to enhance your natural brow shape.